Oh my goodness! So I had to do this in order to save my backside (if needed) for the future.

So here I go!

All opinions, reviews, verdicts, emotions, feelings (I'm getting carried away but you get the gist of it) are my own and are in no way a representation of anyone else's. All the photographs used in this blog are also my own so please don't steal them. However, if you would like to feature them somewhere then please contact me and I'll be happy to help. 

With regards to comments, feel free to type away! I would like to stress, though, that spam comments will be deleted and I will use my own discretion to get rid of any racist, defamatory and/or offensive material posted in this blog. 'Hate' directed towards myself or any other readers/bloggers will not be tolerated. Comments left in this blog do not represent the opinions of the blog itself and should not be interpreted as such.

Please do not bet your house on the fact that just because I have said something that it will DEFINITELY be that way. Chances are you might lose your house because what works for me may not work for you and the opinions in this blog are purely from personal experiences because I am in no way a professional.

I think that's about it really. Oh one more thing. I reserve all rights as to what I post on here.

Thank you for reading!



  1. After reading this i feel like changing my disclaimer. So catchy.
    Stumbled across your blog and have been reading for a while now. Great work

    1. Thank you! I went over to yours and left a few comments. Hope you got them! You live in such a wonderful part of the world. I've not been but its definitely on my list -x-

  2. I was thinking the same about your part of the world. Would gladly trade for a day. Thank you for visiting.means so much. Love your blog. Love and Happiness xo :)