Wednesday, 10 September 2014

DIY Epsom Salt Body Scrub

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You've probably guessed from the title of the post that I am back today with another DIY Skincare post! If you know me, you know I am a sucker when it comes to Natural Skincare. There is nothing like some TLC for your skin with all natural products, and I don't mean products that claim to be 100% natural, but those that you actually take the time to create yourself!

I am a firm believer that skincare should be simple. It should be quick and easy and most of all, effective. This super easy DIY scrub will leave your skin feeling ultra smooth and hydrated in no time. It's convenient and requires only two ingredients!

1. Coconut Oil
2. Epsom Salt

I've already done a post on Coconut Oil which you can read here. The second ingredient is Epsom Salt.

Epsom Salt is not actually a salt (confusing I know!) It is actually a naturally occurring pure mineral compound of Magnesium and Sulphate, both of which are readily absorbed by the skin. Magnesium regulates the functioning of over 325 enzymes in the body, aiding muscle and nerve function and reducing inflammation. Sulphate helps by flushing out toxins from the body and improves the absorption of nutrients. Mix the two together and you get a magical ingredient. Add some Coconut Oil and BOOM, you're on your way to well behaved skin!

In this scrub, the Epsom Salt exfoliates the skin, sloughing off dead skin cells and revealing smooth polished skin. It also unclogs pores, rids the body of odour caused by bacteria present on the skin and flushes out internal toxins. The Coconut Oil hydrates the skin and we all know skin absorbs moisture better when it has been exfoliated!

Mix a handful of Epsom Salt with a table spoon of Coconut Oil and apply it in circular motions all over your body. This will slough away the dead skin and promote regeneration of healthier skin cells which, in turn, tightens the skin giving it a more youthful appearance. It also reduces discolouration so make sure you concentrate on the elbows and the knees where the skin tends to dry out and discolour. If your skin is sensitive, wet the skin before you begin scrubbing. Once you're all scrubbed up, rinse thoroughly with warm water and follow with a moisturiser or more Coconut Oil!

There you go! Super easy and super effective! I would recommend doing this once a week, twice at most (you don't want to over exfoliate!)

Experiment with your scrub, by adding lemon (natural bleach for discolouration) or herbs such as Lavender (promotes relaxation) and enjoy! 

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