Friday, 18 July 2014

Yay or Nay: Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner Review

Hey Lovelies!

I'm back with another Yay or Nay post and this time I'll be reviewing Benefit's second part to their "They're Real" range with the first being their mascara. I present to you Benefit's "They're Real Push Up Liner."

First things first, let's talk about the packaging. So essentially this eyeliner is a gel formula within a pen, hence it spares you the trouble of having to carry a separate brush. It comes with a screw cap, making it extra safe to carry in your handbag and not worry about nasty leakage surprises on your travels.

Nifty Gadget

Screw fit cap and orange stopper

Once you open the pen, you are presented with a slanted tip applicator with an orange stopper which I'm guessing is to show that it hasn't been used. I'm not sure because I managed to pop mine back in again after using it. Maybe, it's there to help stop it from drying out?

Flexible tip

The slanted nib is called an AccuFlex™ tip which is a trademark to Benefit. It's almost rubber-like and is designed to hug the lash line as close as humanly possible whatever your eye shape. The wider part of the nib (below the slant) acts like a guard to keep your lashes out of the way whilst you draw the line.

The product is dispensed into the nib via a twist mechanism located at the bottom of the pen. It has a black, matte gel formulation which dries in next to no time. This could potentially be a problem for beginners because if you go wrong, you're pretty much stuck with it unless you work fast. And if you try and go back to correct it, the dry eyeliner crumbles and flakes. This is probably why it has a screw lid and the orange stopper! On the plus side, it is a super long wearing eyeliner and is totally smudge proof and water proof, perfect for summer.

Benefit has released a make up remover designed to be used with this product as it can not be removed with water. I have noticed though that the formulation is not oil-proof so as far as I am guessing, you can remove this with pretty much any kind of oil based make up remover or an actual oil itself. Watch out if you have oily lids though and make sure you use a primer!

Verdict: Yay for me! I love me a cat-eye eyeliner look and this product definitely makes life easier. Good going Benefit! My only question is why didn't anyone come up with this innovation earlier?!? And oh my goodness, did you know this baby took 5 years to create!

My first use

Hope you found this helpful! I'm thinking of doing a how-to for this eyeliner.. what do you think?

Love Love Love!


  1. Great review, I still don't know if I want to try this (it'd be long time before I do anyway haha) but it seem like just a bit of luxury to me. I think maybelline has a similar product in their range, maybe released over a year ago. Maybe I'll try that.

  2. The liner looks amazing! I'm loving reading your posts! This one was so informative x